We are a family owned and operated sharpening & machine business. The Clipper Shack started sharpening in 1985 as an "on the road sharpening company.  As our family grew so did our sharpening business, within a few short years we opened our Mail Order Sharpening Service (see our Sharpening Services Page for our prices and our "mail in form")  As time moved on we grew from a traveling sharpening service in a van to a successful "mail order" sharpening business that reaches across the United States.

In 2007 while on the road sharpening, Mike saw the need to design a machine that would consistently and accurately sharpen cuticle, acrylic, pedicure and podiatry nippers.  We soon began building and manufacturing the Clipper Shack Nipper Sharpening System.  (see our Nipper Sharpening System page for more information on the machine & how to order a machine)

In 2010 our company saw the need to design a shear sharpening machine that would make sharpening Convex Shears, Long Curved Shears, Long Curved Convex Shears and Titanium Colored Coated Shears " Easy" to sharpen while keeping with the integrity of the shear manufactures intent.  So with alot of effort and design the Ez-Vex Shear Sharpening System was born. (see our Ez-Vex Sharpening Machine Page for more information. We achieved a US Patent 

In 2015 we were awarded yet another Patent,  United States Patent

The Clipper Shack "thinks outside the box" knowing the Next Generation of Sharpeners will need more than a grinder and a flat hone in their sharpening arsenal.  Now they can put a TRUE convex edge as well as a TRUE beveled edge on their customers shears.   We are Happy to Announce our Ez-Vex Sharpening Systems holds two Patents to its Name !! Patent Protected  by By Both of our U.S Patents

About Us

Our family has two very different businesses, the Clipper Shack and "OVF" Ohio Valley Farms  www.ohiovalleyfarms.com