Clipper Shack's Innovative Sharpening Solution's  new annoucements

What's New At the Clipper Shack ???

We now offer a Solid Wheel for the Ez-Vex Sharpener, this is an Optional Solid Wheel for Cosmetic Work on a shear if trying to test at one of the guild competitions. This Solid Wheel can be used if Testing at one of the guilds and it also can handle heavy grit hook n loop for doing sewing or industrial beveled shears. Our Innovative sharpening solutions have also come up with a Re-Convexing Clamp that can be used on the Solid wheel to help with the Cosmetic Work on the shear for those who want to test.

The Ez-Vex Re-Convexing Clamp Review was done by NBTSG Master Sharpeners at Shear Precision Sharpening

Private Ez-Vex Trainers Will Charge a Fee for their Time.   They are NOT employees of the clipper shack, they are not affiliated with the company.

Only at our Ohio Facility will the Clipper Shack offer our Free Hands on Training When the Ez-Vex machine is purchased directly from us.

Jesse and Dawn Hockett from Decatur AL are Both Certified NBTSG Master Sharpeners. They have used the Ez-Vex Sharpening System since 2010.  They own and operate Shear Precision Sharpening 1-256-642-1497  Jesse and Dawn also have a online store that they sell sharpening items and equipement.  They keep in stock many of the ez-vex items and even the ez-vex machine.  Jesse & Dawn offer this service because of our 14 Business day manufacturing lead time.

Jesse and Dawn of Shear Precision in AL will Charge a Fee for their Training Sessions.

Rodney Bru From Albuquerque New Mexico purchased his Ez-Vex machine in 2011, Rodney is a high end salon sharpener and sharpens for top Groomers in the NM area.  Many Ez-Vex customers from out that way have trained with Rodney and his feedback is A+  Rodney owns All Sharp 1-505-401-6426   Rodney will Charge a fee for his Training Sessions.

Chas Warner is from Plant City Florida, Chas has been using his Ez-Vex since late 2011. He uses alot of different sharpening equipment, but uses his Ez-Vex for his Beauty and Pet Grooming Clients.   All Ways Sharp is his companies name. Chas has a plethora of sharpening knowledge. Chas is a Quilting Machine distributor and sharpens for the Quilting industry as well. 1-844-447-4277  Chas will charge a Fee for his Training sessions

So Remember, if you have purchased an Ez-Vex from the Clipper Shack but dont want to travel to Ohio for the FREE hands on Training,  You can "For a Fee" contact and schedual with one of the trainers listed above.

Thank You Jesse & Dawn of Shear Precision for the Video Review of the upcoming Re-Convexing Clamp On their Youtube Review 

For More Information on the Ez-Vex, Click on our Ez-Vex Page to learn prices

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